Is It Possible to Kick–Off Amazon Hijackers from Your Listing?

December 13, 2022

Yes, it is possible to kick-off Amazon hijackers.In fact there are a few things that you can do yourself to get hijackers off your listing. These include;

  • Reporting the hijacker via brand registry
  • Contacting the Amazon hijacker with a cease and desist letter
  • Differentiate your product by adding a logo, or trademark image on the listing.
  • Report your Infringement product to Amazon Seller Account.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that these steps will always be successful and a 100% prevention ofAmazon hijackers does not exist, even an Amazon brand registry can’t do a lot to stop these Amazon listing hijackings.You will keep noticing unauthorised sellers, product infringements, duplicate listings, stolen buy boxes and lost sales in plenitude.

Your Amazon business needs more than a brand registry!!

Wondering what better option there is to solve your Amazon hijacked listing? We have the secret to remove these unauthorized sellers. Continue reading!!


Why they are Copying Your Listing?

Let's start this with a question….

If you see the same product at a lower price, will you buy the higher priced item? Obviously not! The consumer is always attracted to the product with the lower price and that’s the strategy that these hijackers utilize. They steal your buy-box by offering a low-ball rate.

Amazon hijackers arejumping on your listing because they can benefit from the reputation of your product in order to make money at your expense. Theyuse your images and description, making itimpossible for customers toknow that they are purchasing a counterfeit of the product.Because they are likely selling a lower quality counterfeit product, this enables them to undercut you on price andmeans that they capitalize on any positive reviews that exist for your product.

Additionally, hijackers can also benefit from the traffic you generate to your listing. They take advantage of customers who accidentally purchase their version instead of yours or those who are unaware that they have purchased a counterfeit product. Thus, it is important to recognize and address Amazon hijacking before it affects your business.


How to Spot Amazon hijacking?

Spottingan Amazon hijacking can be tricky as it often goes unnoticed. However, there are certain warning signs to watch out for that indicate a hijacking might be taking place. 

  • First and foremost, you should always monitor your accountand listingsclosely by checking on your sales frequently. If you notice an unexpecteddecline in sales or an unusually largedecrease in orders, this could be a sign of hijacking. 
  • Another key indicator to look for is a spike innegative Amazon customer reviews that donot accurately discribe your product. This could indicate someone has used your listing to sell counterfeit items. 
  • You should also check if there are any changes made to the product description or images. If you find that they have been updated without your permission, this could be a sign of hijacking. 
  • Finally, if prices on your products suddenly drop or increase without reason, this could also indicate someone is trying to manipulate the market by using your product listings.

In addition, hijackers may also list their counterfeit products with false ratings or reviews in an attempt to make them appear more attractive. A hijacker is likely selling a counterfeit (fake) version of your Amazon listed product.

Brand Registry can be an invaluable tool for protecting your products, but it's not a complete solution. Trying to outwit scammers is like playing catch-up as they come up with new ways of stealing from you including copying listings and starting price wars. Don't let yourself get caught off guard - stay vigilant against the ever-evolving tactics of malicious sellers!

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Amazon is too Big to Helpwith Amazon Hijacking

The vast size and scope of Amazonmakes it difficult to protect against hijacking. Since Amazon has thousands of vendors selling products on its site from all over the world, monitoring for hijackers is a challenge. Additionally, Amazon does not have strict rules in place for verifying purchases or confirming payment sources.

It seems that Amazon has little concern when it comes to product hijacking.Although they have created many programs such as Brand Registry, and Amazon Project Zero to stop hijackers from stealing your private label listings, it has not been enough.

Therefore, if you are dealing with Amazon listing hijackers orunauthorised sellers on your private label product listing, complaining to the Amazon Support Seller is not enough.


What to Do If Your Amazon Listing Is Hijacked?

So now you are aware that neither Brand registry nora trademark can help you get rid of an unauthorized Amazon seller (hijacker or piggybacker).So what can you do? The best thing that you can do to remove your hijacker is contact the team atNaw Protect. We don’t demand you to have a brand registry or a trademark.Our experts can erase any hijacker. The only information that we require to do so is your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and the hijackers store name.

It is very important to act swiftly as a second delay candrastically decrease your revenue. Contact us today!