Dealing with Amazon Hijacking: What to Do If It Happens To You

November 01, 2022

Amazon hijacking is definitely not what you want in your sales business, but it happens all the time with almost every entrepreneur. While hijacking can be a real pain, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. By taking steps to prevent it and responding quickly if it does occur, you can minimize the impact on your business.

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Before going for anAmazon hijacker removalservice, it is important to know if your listing has been hijacked or not. In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about listing hijacking, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens to you.


What is Amazon Hijacking?

Amazon hijacking means selling a counterfeit product on Amazon without the consent of the original seller.


How to Know If Your Amazon Listing Is Hijacked?

You've worked hard to build your Amazon business. You've spent hours upon hours crafting the perfect listing, complete with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and keyword-rich titles. So it's crushing when you wake up one day to find that your listing has been taken over by someone else. Worse yet, they're selling counterfeit products or inferior knockoffs. This is known as “Amazon listing hijacking” and it's a serious problem on Amazon. But how can you tell if your listing has been hijacked? Here are four signs to look out for.


1. The Product Listing is Different than What You Remember

If you go to your product listing and notice that the title, photos, or description have been changed, that's a huge red flag that your listing has been hijacked. The hijackers may be trying to sell a counterfeit product or a knockoff of their own product, so they'll change the listing to make it appear as if their product is the real deal. Or, they could be trying to rank higher in search results by adding keywords to the title or description that you didn't have before. Either way, it's important to take action immediately if you see any changes to your listing that you didn't make yourself.


2. Your Sales Have Plummeted for No Reason

Another sign that your listing has been hijacked is a sudden drop in sales with no clear explanation. If you were selling 50 units per day and then suddenly sales drop to 10 units per day, that's a massive decrease that warrants investigation. In some cases, the hijackers may be selling their products at a much lower price than you are, which could explain the drop in sales. Or they could be selling counterfeit products that are of such poor quality that buyers are leaving negative reviews and taking their business elsewhere. Either way, it's important to take a closer look at your sales data if you see a sudden decrease with no clear explanation.


3. You're Getting More Returns Than Usual

If you're getting more returns from your customers than usual, it could be because buyers are receiving counterfeit products that don't match the description in your listing. In other words, they expected to receive the same high-quality product that they would get from you but instead got an inferior product from the hijacker. If you start seeing an uptick in returns without any changes to your own product or listing, it’s worth takingAmazon Hijacker Removal Servicesto remove your hijackers.


4. More Negative Reviews

Just like with returns, an increase in negative reviews could be a sign that your listing has been hijacked. Remember, if buyers are receiving counterfeit products or inferior goods from the hijacker, they're going to leave negative reviews about those products—and those reviews will show up on your listing (even though they're not about your product). So if you start seeing negative reviews pop up out of nowhere, it's worth taking a closer look at your listing to see if it's been hijacked.


How to Protect Your Listing from Amazon Listing Hijackers

Have you ever had your Amazon listing hijacked? If not, consider yourself lucky. Listing hijacking is a serious problem on Amazon, one that can cost sellers a lot of money in lost sales and fees. Hijackers try to steal the buy box from your listing and therefore it is important to remove Amazon hijackers.

Today, through this blog, we are sharing the 6 best ways to stop Hijackers from stealing your Amazon Listing. No.5 is the most popular & money-guaranteed method to keep the hijackers away. So you must read it!


Test Buy -If you don’t need an expert, you can start with Test buy to show Amazon's infringement on your listing to Amazon seller support. This method really helps especially

if you don’t have a registered brand trademark. To do so, you need to buy the counterfeit product from the fake seller and then take a snapshot of the product alongside yours in order to show the difference between the actual product and the low-quality product.


Prepare Warning Letter for the Hijacker - After knowing that your listing has been hijacked, you should send a warning letter to the hijacker to put off the fake listing. Contact details and other information about unauthorized resellers are available on their Amazon store page.

You can use your Amazon account to contact unauthorized sellers and send a warning letter to ensure that Amazon will have records of the conversation if required in the future. In most cases, hijackers stop selling counterfeit products within 24 hours of receiving the cease and desist letter.


Get a Registered Trademark Amazon Account - If you have a registered trademark account, you can contact Amazon Seller Support directly to report a violation of the Amazon trademark infringement.

Trademarking your brand means having designed patents, copyrights, and legal protection against the unauthorized use of your product. You can register your brand trademark on Amazon through theAmazon Brand Registry.

This will help Amazon hijackers copy your product for their own use.


Bundle Your Amazon Products- You can protect your Amazon account from Amazon product hijacking by selling products in bundles. You can offer complementary products along with your main product... making it difficult for hijackers to hijack the product.

With bundled items, if someone lists a single counterfeit product under your complementary packaging, Amazon will remove it immediately.


Amazon Hijacker Removal Service- When it comes to how to get rid of Amazon listing hijackers, nothing works better thanAmazon Hijacker Removal Servicesavailable atNaw Protect. We are so confident in our work that if we fail to remove the hijackers, we will not charge you anything!

Additionally, you will not require monitoring of your listing at night as our software will do that for you!


Eligible Your Product for Money-Back Guarantee- Lastly, you can offer a money-back guarantee on your product to ensure that the customer will only purchase the product if they see your trademark or brand name.

Amazon listing hijackers are a thorn in the side of many Amazon sellers. These bad actors take your listing, change the price and/or description, and start selling a knock- off product. Hijackers can also write fake reviews for their products, which can further damage your listing. So anytime you want toremove the AmazonFBA or FBM hijackers, you can trust us!